Microsoft VX-1000 Lifecam “setup cannot continue due to an unexpected error” | Windows XP Mode 7 x64 Virtual PC

I had a problem installing my piece of crap Microsoft VX-1000 Lifecam. I would run the 43Mb exe you get from and it would run for a little while and then get an unexpected error. Basically, the problem is that they give you the software in an EXE format rather than a ZIP of all the drivers and the setup.exe to make the GUI Lifecam manager. Thus when the poorly programmed exe fails, it is hard to manually find the *.inf driver file and install it.


  1. Plug the Camera in.
  2. Go to Windows Update Look For Driver
  3. Browse to a specific location > See if C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam exists, if so go to > Driver 32 > Vx-1000 (or whatever model you have) and OK should now change to not be greyed out
  4. Then click next and it should install fine
  5. If C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam does not exist - here is a link to the files -
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