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Welcome to my website, I am so excited to have you along for my journey as I explore and share all my favourite things in life; travel, fashion, puppies, beauty and the art of living fabulously. Some are born into luxury and others are just luxurious. I guess that’s me. Ever since I was a little girl I had ambitions to travel to exotic and glamorous places, I would put together these French outfits my mom got me from Paris and hated wearing regular jeans, it became a state of mind and my inspiration to work hard, travel, and see the world. By virtue, I met my amazing and worldly husband and together we adopted a life full of adventures. Hopefully my experiences and stories can provide some inspiration or even just make you smile. Enjoy xox Roxy

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Dr Arthur F. Earle Website Launches

Because my grandfather is important to me and has been influential I decide to create an online biography about him for me and all of my cousins to have. It’s based on an autobiography he created about ten years ago and is in his words. It’s very well written and quite an enjoyable read.

Take a look Launches

My brother has a fetish for very fast race cars. We grew up loving cars. We knew every single make and model and would be amazed when fast cars drove by. Now that I have kids my interest has waned but his has not. Dan has actually bought an amazing Radical SR3 race car and is competing in the white knuckle Radical Canada Cup. Get the whole story »

Avoiding Europe Data Roaming Charges - SIM

I am trying out this service:

Here is my chat with their support to save you the hassle:

11:12:55 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…
11:12:59 Operator Online Customer Support joined the chat
11:13:02 Online Customer Support: Hello! Welcome to our support. How may I help you?
11:13:09 Visitor: Im a bit confusde
11:13:18 Online Customer Support: Hello, how may I help you?
11:13:23 Visitor: I want at least 100Mb per day + voice
11:13:32 Visitor: I want it to work in Italy and France
11:13:36 Visitor: is this possible?
11:13:55 Online Customer Support: Please be informed that we are not offering voice feature with 100MB plan
11:14:14 Visitor: do you have a plan that has voice + data?
11:14:24 Online Customer Support: In order to use voice feature you have to choose Call and Surf.
11:14:43 Visitor: how much data do you get with that?
11:15:12 Online Customer Support: If your order 10 days, you receive $100 prepaid balance which could be used any time during your trip, without any daily limitation.
11:15:28 Visitor: right but at what cost per Mb?
11:15:35 Online Customer Support: You may check the price on
11:15:46 Visitor: I see $0.49/Mb
11:16:03 Online Customer Support: Yes, you are right.
11:16:03 Visitor: this is WAY more than the 100Mb plan
11:16:52 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you will be charge for per MB, text and call according to your usage.
11:17:29 Visitor: so to not get a very HIGH price for the data, you have to not order voice
11:17:59 Visitor: as soon as you add voice, the data is way more expensive and priced according to different model
11:18:01 Visitor: ?
11:18:07 Online Customer Support: Please be advised that you can place two orders, one for voice and other one for data only
11:18:24 Visitor: will you have to swap the sim out?
11:19:04 Online Customer Support: You must have two devices or you may swap the SIM card.
11:19:18 Visitor: ok
11:19:40 Visitor: is this article about your product:
11:20:31 Online Customer Support: Yes, we were iPhoneTrip. Now we changed our name to KeepGo.
11:21:22 Online Customer Support: Is there any thing else I may help you with?
11:22:02 Visitor: your product is limited in that you cant use the phone for voice calls with the reasonably priced data
11:22:15 Visitor: is there any way around this or thats just how it is?
11:23:10 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you have to pay for per MB. However, you can choose data only plan.
11:23:15 Online Customer Support: We are not offering voice & text service for data only SIM cards but you can use our excellent Data plans and make calls & text with VoIP application (like Skype, Viber, Fring or other Apps )
11:24:54 Visitor: thats a good point
11:25:04 Visitor: I may be able to get a Skype In number to have calls sent to
11:25:12 Visitor: and then just use the data plan
11:25:26 Visitor: last question
11:25:43 Online Customer Support: How may I help you?
11:25:57 Visitor: if I get a data plan, say 100Mb per day, it will work seamlessly in Italy and France?
11:26:25 Visitor: the same SIM without changing any settings?
11:26:49 Online Customer Support: Yes, you need to choose Italy and France while placing your order and we will send you SIM card for both countries.
11:27:29 Online Customer Support: You just need to install the APN settings upon your activation of the SIM card and you will be good to go.

IE Submit Form Nothing Happens - Even With No Javascript

I won’t bore anyone with a long rant about how terrible a browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is and why a lot of their failure to become a leading web brand can be traced back to the terrible browser they created. That’s negative and boring.

I just want to share my disbelief at the bug I just fixed and help any of you to quickly deal with it on your own.

I use a CMS called CMS Made Simple and it has a module called FormBuilder. To show a form on a page you use a tag like this:
{FormBuilder form='contact'}

This code build a form from a GUI editor within the CMS. It will basically print out <form> ALL SORTS OF FORMS STUFF </form>.

Now, the bug. Because the whole form is constructed from that one simple tag, it is not impossible for someone to put it within a paragraph tag.

Our client is semi programming literate and put this:

<p style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;">Click here for <a href="{cms_selflink href='staff'}">Staff Directory</a>{FormBuilder form='contact'} </p>

The result in any other browser is that the form works fine. In Internet Explorer 8,9 that results in a dead Submit button. You click Submit and nothing happens. Terrible result that is very difficult to debug. To fix it all you have to do is move the form out from within the <p>—</p> tags.

I hope this saved somebody some time.

Differentiation - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 2

Click Your Successs

My advertising programs bring visitors to your website, and compelling differentiation converts them into clients and customers. Differentiators are what you combine to create the unique selling propositions or value proposition that distinguish your offerings from those of the competition. Get the whole story »

Focus - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 1

One of my core goals is to improve how quality businesses are represented on the web and further to that goal we publish and distribute educational information about online marketing. We know that our competitors will see this information and then incorporate it into their service offerings too but that is OK with us because we know this will indirectly help improve everyone’s online experience . Today in part one of a seven part series explaining the seven fundamental principles of online marketing we discuss FOCUS. Get the whole story »

Essential Tips for Selling Anything Online

These tips are designed for software but apply to selling anything online:

Many software startups have gotten religion when it comes to creating “usable” software. This is for good reason. If your software is usable, people will use it, tell their friends, family and hair stylist about it and you end up making more money. Life is good. If it’s not usable, it makes people want to hit their computer or hurt small animals. No referral sales. Life is bad. Get the whole story »

FTC Charges Online Marketers With $450M Card Scam

Finally, the FTC has layed charges on the Acai Berr, Teeth Whiteners, Health Supplement scammers.

This is not what I do but they are in a related industry. This is how these usually end.  The regulatory organization that is responsible for administration of a certain area, always eventually lays charges and the whole thing winds down.

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My team and I help businesses and individuals protect their online reputations:

How’s that for a domain name??

Get a US Prepaid PayPal Credit Card from Canada

For anyone residing in Canada, there is an ongoing struggle to use US based services and buy US goods restricted to US citizens.  This comes up all the time.  Recently, to manage my fantasy football team, I wanted to download an app from CBS Sports called CBS Sports Pro Football.  For some insane reason they restricted the program to the US and it was not available in my Android app store.  I had to download the APK and then root my phone just to install it.  What a hassle.

Anyway, I came across this service and I want to tell you about it and maybe help you.

It is a US address service.  This allows you to receive packages in the United States and then have them reshipped to wherever you want.  It also allows you to get a US Prepaid Paypal account because all you need to verify that is a US address.  So you get your shipping address first from this company.

Then you go to PayPal and signup for

Within a few weeks, you should have your US address and Credit Card so you can buy whatever you want.  Sad that it came to this, but it did.

Upload/Select Multiple Files in Android Froyo 2.2 to Dropbox

I was looking for a solution to easily get photos off my phone and into Dropbox. Ideally they would make it so you could setup any folder on your Android phone to sync with a Dropbox folder. This will probably happen sooner or later but as far as I know is not currently available.

At the very least I was looking to be able to select multiple files within Gallery or Astro File Manager and then just click the Share button and then pick Dropbox. Thus I could select all the files on my phone and Share them to Dropbox. However, I was shocked to discover that the default Gallery app in Android 2.2 does not have multiple select. iOS has had this for a long time. Pretty frustrating. Worse there has been some silly delay releasing Gingerbread 2.3 and so I am stuck with Froyo 2.2 until they do that (I am not interested in messing around with XDA Roms).


Install QuickPic - - it has multiple select and then you can Share to Dropbox all of the files you multi-selected.

[SOLVED] XP Home Security 2011/XP Total Security Virus/Malware Removal Instructions in Safe Mode

I think it is important to share this experience because I had to waste an hour dealing with this thing and I want to save some other people time.

How I Got The Virus

I am a programmer, former IRC geek and earn my living running websites and doing internet marketing so I generally like to think of myself as savvy with computers.  However, I was browsing an admittedly dodgy site, using Firefox, and loaded the page.  That’s it.  That is enough to get this virus.  You do not need to click on file attachments or use Internet Explorer 6.  Using the latest version of Firefox I got the virus just by visiting the page.  I guess I am going to have to switch to Google Chrome.xp_home_security_2011
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New facebook downtime tracker website

Check out facebook down. They provide a central hub to confirm if facebook is actually down or if it is more of a local issue. You can also post a report of your downtime and read about other people’s experiences with it being down in real time.


Extremely Easy Screen Capture Software Review: Screenr

I call this software because that it is web-based software but think “a few clicks on a website and it works” rather than downloading and configuring a standalone piece of software. This wonderful company has come up with a PC screen capture software called Screenr. You can find the application at It is incredibly easy to use and within about 5 minutes you can have a very high resolution, high quality, hosted screen capture with audio. The idea for the software is to share your screencast over twitter but that is not necessary. You can just make a screencast and then email people the link to it.


The things that they got very right:
-ease of use - literally effortless to make a screencast
-quality of product - the screencast looks and sounds great, even in standard definition, though there is an HD button
-making it free
-making it so you do not have to sign up for a bunch of junk to use it

The things they got wrong:

This is a great product, if you need to make a screencast or capture your PC/MAC, this is the easiest and best way I have ever seen to do it. Also, this is a good demonstration of a web application doing a better job than you can do with installed software. by Google?? Yup, Google.

I just came across this website called and it is made by Google. Proof here:

Pretty surprising that a company that almost exclusively hires geeky males would attempt a foray into fashion. Wait a second… I know what happened here. This is an attempt by a bunch of geeks to get attractive women into the Google office and make the company look less like a Dungeons and Dragons club and more like…. facebook.
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Renting Water Heaters | DirectEnergy | Big Ripoff

I have been researching about options for water heaters and the cost of owning versus renting and just wanted to share my conclusions. It seems renting a water heater is a really BIG rip-off. Regardless of whether you get the tankless or the tank kind, your rent from DirectEnergy works out to buying it after 3.5 years. On average they last 12 years for tank, 20 years for tankless. Therefore if you rent it, you could have bought it 3 or 4 times during the lifespan of the appliance.

Here are some numbers for a Tankless water heater:

  • Owning - About $2,800 with taxes to install Lowe’s Bosch tankless water heater. You have to pay for repairs which we can estimate at $2,000 over 20 years. therefore $4,800.
  • Renting - $40/month from DirectEnergy. Over 20 years the cost to you is $9,600. They pay for the repairs so the cost to you is $9,600.

You can see why they want you to rent. Because this is such a lucrative business, there are also these from other third-party pirate companies who come to door-to-door to try and rent you a water heater. Their pricing is an even bigger rip-off. The one advantage of renting is they will fix it if there are any problems. This sounds appealing but so will 100s of companies you can find in the YellowPages and the cost of all the maintenance over the lifespan of the heater will never work out to the thousands you spend on rent.

That is my two cents on water heaters.

1 Tip for a Flat Belly Ads

This is hilarious. Maybe because of this article and the many other ones like it pointing out what a racket and waste of time the products behind this series of ads is, they have adapted the title on the ads to “1 Tip for a Flat Belly”.

Don’t you scammers get it?? This is wrong. You are deceiving real people who need this money for more important things in their lives. This is not a victimless crime, there are people out there who are not providing for their children as well as they could be because they are being scammed by you.

To the people clicking on these ads, I would restate there are no short cuts when it comes to personal health and weight management. When you live in a world where caloric temptation is everywhere, it really just takes a lot of hard work and discipline to not eat too much. Likewise, when you are working too hard and making poor choices like paying for weight loss scam potions, you will not have as much free time as you need for exercise. Health is what you want. Good health really will make you happy. Why sacrifice it for less important things?

Anyway, I still think it’s amazing how quickly they have adapted.

GAP Store Sprize Turned Upside Down

This is such a cool advertising campaign for the new GAP Sprize loyalty campaign:

Though it seems rather blunt and obvious, no one had done it before and it is actually very clever. Not to mention the free buzz something this clever gets because it is very bloggable, twitterable and smart. Even looks like a great execution. Wish they would do something like that here in Bermuda. Anyway, enjoy the video, only takes two minutes and is pretty cool.

1 Trick of a Tiny Belly | 1 Tip for a Flat Belly Ads | Weight Loss Acai Berry Scams

OK, I thought it was only right to point out the fraud that is being perpetrated on people throughout the world and explain how it works.

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