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Online Reputation
Management Expert

Few Canadians understand the nuances of online reputation management better than Matt Earle. As a Reputation Management Expert, Matt Earle serves as an expert witness on issues of Online Defamation, Cyber Extortion and internet privacy.

Vision and Experience

As the founder of one of Canada’s leading reputation management firms — — Matt has become widely recognized as an experienced and innovative voice within the Public Relations industry.

That’s because Matt understands more than just the cultural and social changes caused by the Internet. With more than 15 years of experience in online reputation management, Matt knows that many factors influence online visibility. He has perfected strategies that empower clients to improve their online profiles, and he’s always seeking new ideas and new methods.

As President of, Matt develops proprietary software, oversees company processes, develops new strategies and provides consulting to clients.

About Matt Earle

While Matt believes that each of us should be held accountable for our actions, he also believes that there should be ways to protect people from unjust treatment or outright lies — as well as paths forward for those who made a mistake.

As an expert witness, Matt Earle has the experience, knowledge and vision to serve as an engaging public speaker or deliver compelling testimony in the courtroom.

A Changing Media Landscape

Like the Internet itself, the strategies of online reputation management are in constant flux.

The first 10 search results of Google have become the front page for the entire world. Yet the variables involved in that page of search results are constantly shifting, altered on a daily basis by computer algorithms, evolving government regulations and the immense power of social media.

Once upon a time, a single negative story from a less-than-reputable source lived for a day or a week, visible only until the next newspaper or the next news broadcast.

Now each and every story — every Tweet, every Yearbook photo, every high school blog entry — lives potentially forever.

It’s not hyperbolic to suggest that this change in publishing represents one of the most significant shifts in the history of communication and mass media.

Reputation Management
Management Expert

Reputation has never been so powerful — or so dangerous — as it is today.

A tarnished online reputation can last a lifetime, especially without the professional help offered by a reputation management company like

But that’s not always enough. When someone has suffered professional or personal consequences from negative content published on the internet, it can become necessary to seek justice through the court system.

The benefits of taking legal action could be compensation for a damaged online reputation, or simply the removal of content that continues to cause problems for a person or a company.

When such issues are brought into a courtroom, many judges and juries will take that into consideration when deciding on verdicts or the amount of damages to award a plaintiff.

That’s when you will need an expert witness like Matt Earle.

Crucial Testimony

While most people now have a general awareness of the changing landscape of reputation, very few understand just how much a single piece of negative content can change someone’s life.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a person facing a vendetta from an estranged family member — the internet can be cruel and unforgiving.

If you’re facing a legal proceeding that involves your online reputation, an online reputation expert witness can provide crucial testimony for the case.

An expert witness like Matt Earle can assess the amount of damage caused by negative content, providing context for the degree of harm to your reputation. Without a witness like Matt, it will be difficult to communicate the gravity of your situation in a way that’s professional and objective.

As a reputation management expert witness, Matt can clearly articulate how your reputation has been harmed and why it should be taken seriously.

An Experienced Witness

Matt Earle has proven his expertise in online reputation management many times.

His knowledge and experience have been acknowledged through national television appearances on CBC, PBS and CTV. Matt has been a guest host on CBC radio, and has been tapped numerous times for quotes in print and online media about reputation management.

He also leveraged his reputation management experience when he provided expert witness testimony in a case presented before the Newfoundland Supreme Court.

If you’re facing legal proceedings involving damage to your online reputation, consider Matt Earle as an expert witness.