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As one of Canada’s leading experts in reputation management, Matt Earle is a frequent commentator in national and international media. Matt often speaks about online defamation, privacy protection, and the importance of online reputation management for brand survival.

Check out Matt’s media appearances with the links below, which are also available on his LinkedIn.

Matt Earle on FOX News to discuss Southwest Airlines Reputation Damage Fallout

FOX News · Dec 31, 2022

The Dirty Work of Cleaning Online Reputations

The Walrus · Jan 8, 2022

In the mid 2000s, Matt Earle was an internet marketer for an offshore bank in Bermuda, helping draw in new customers. Impressed with his skills, corporate clients hired him to boost their profiles online. But Earle soon realized that they would also pay to bury bad news—scandals, lawsuits, or run-ins with financial regulators…


The internet never forgets. But should it? That legal battle is raging in Canada and worldwide

Ottawa Citizen · Aug 6, 2017

The Internet serves as a scarlet letter for some, an indelible, ever-lasting mark on their reputations and career prospects…


Why It’s Important to Ego Surf the Web

Huffington Post · Oct 16, 2014

When I was a talk radio host years ago my producer Robin thought it would be fun to do a spot about ego surfing, or the practice of Googling ourselves…


Matt Earle: There’s a better way to protect privacy than the right to be forgotten

National Post · Jul 3, 2014

In a week-long series, National Post contributors reflect on a recent European Court of Justice judgment requiring Internet search providers to remove links to embarrassing information. Should Canadian citizens have a ‘right to be forgotten’?


Paying attention to the buzz: How a positive online fingerprint has become critical to brand survival

Financial Post · May 1, 2014

Bad reputations are tough to rehabilitate, particularly in the profligate era of information-sharing through social media…


How to salvage your online reputation: Roseman

Toronto Star · Mar 4, 2014

The Internet is full of negative reviews, which can hurt the reputation of an individual or business. Professors are rated by their students. Doctors are rated by their patients. Restaurants are rated by their patrons.


California law allows minors to erase embarrassing content from the Internet Sep 24, 2013

So, you’ve posted something stupid online. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s an angry rant, an unfortunate phrasing or an embarrassing photo, sometimes the Internet remembers the worst parts of your life…


How do you fight back against online defamation?

CBC News – May 7, 2013

A CBC Go Public story about a B.C. teacher who has been victimized for two and a half years by a cyberstalking ex-girlfriend demonstrates the inherent difficulties in removing defamatory material from the web…


Ask a Reputation Management Pro with Matt Earle

Hey Receiver – May 2, 2013

Matt Earle is the founder of, an online reputation management firm that works with both small and large clients to clean up their web presence. Matt was kind enough to answer my questions about what reputation management is, and to offer some tips for DIY reputation management…


Small businesses fight bad buzz on the internet

CBC News

Professional photographer Bryan Caporicci thought he’d landed a great gig, when a zoo near his Fonthill Ontario studio hired him to capture beautiful images of their tigers, lemurs and elephants…