Matt Earle

Matt Earle is an entrepreneur and the founder and president of, Canada’s leading online management reputation company. Matt is an expert in the area of search engine optimization and reputation management, with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Matt earned an H.BSc from the University of Toronto in the early 2000s and continued his education by completing certification as a Google Professional. In 1999, Matt took a break from his university education to launch an online advertising company with the help of a friend. The company catered to the growing online gaming industry. Its success inspired Matt to continue his work in the evolving SEO industry.

After resuming his education and graduating from the University of Toronto, Matt first worked at Using his passion for and knowledge of SEO practices, he led the insurance website to the top position in Google search results, helping to strengthen the company’s online presence and client base. Following his work at, Matt went on to found the search engine marketing program at henderson bas kohn, a Toronto interactive agency.

Matt was then recruited to work for a Bermuda-based bank as an Internet Marketing Specialist, where he first discovered a need for online reputation management services. In 2010, Matt returned to Canada and, based on growing demand for online reputation management services, founded Since its founding, has become the leader in Canada in providing expert, comprehensive online reputation management and has helped thousands of individuals and businesses strengthen their online presence.

In addition to overseeing and its growth, Matt makes regular national television and radio appearances as an expert on online reputation management and cyber-investigation.
Matt is also the co-founder of, a website which provides both scholarship providers and students a portal to research and apply and grant student scholarships in Bermuda.
Matt Earle lives and works in Toronto, Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys racing sailboats, cooking and playing with his children.