Focus - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 1

Posted by admin on December 3, 2012 at 7:08 pm.

One of my core goals is to improve how quality businesses are represented on the web and further to that goal we publish and distribute educational information about online marketing. We know that our competitors will see this information and then incorporate it into their service offerings too but that is OK with us because we know this will indirectly help improve everyone’s online experience . Today in part one of a seven part series explaining the seven fundamental principles of online marketing we discuss FOCUS.

The more focused your website is, the more effective it will be. Highly successful websites project a clear and unmistakable message that is:

If you try to be everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to nobody.

Although the mission of most advertisers is to convince clients and customers otherwise, the reality is that there are very few products needed by everyone, and few if any propositions that appeal to everybody. Sure, everybody who drives needs gas , a car, licensing, and maybe a mechanic. And maybe, just maybe, everybody who drives needs your ingenious new car cleaning product. But you won’t sell many by trying to be all things to all people.

Why? Because everybody doesn’t buy things. Somebody buys things, and that individual has distinct tastes and preferences. If you want to sell your car cleaning product to somebody, and perhaps many others like them, you need to

Concentrated … on a Specific Proposition

If everything is flagged as important, nothing will be seen as important.

For most business websites, the typical first-time visitor is somebody who referenced a search engine seeking information on a specific topic to fill a specific need, clicked a ranked listing for the site, and landed on their web pages. It follows that the first thing they expect to see is a specific answer to their query, solution to their problem, or product that fits their requirements. And Canadians being busy hard-working people, if what they seek is not presented in a clear and quickly comprehensible format, they are probably going to click their Back button and go to the next listing.

You, your organization or your enterprise may offer many things to many people, but don’t try to offer them all on one web page! Instead, assign a specific objective to each page on your site, and then design every major element of the presentation to contribute to the achievement of that objective. Links to related pages are expected, and links to complementary sites are fine. But stay on point, emphasize what’s important, and only what’s important.

Targeted … for a Specific Action

If they have to guess, you don’t pass the test.

On highly successful websites, every web page must have a purpose. That purpose may be as broad as conveying information, or as narrow as convincing a customer to purchase a specific raincoat with a special type of wind proof hood. And if that purpose includes a call-to-action, it should be clear, concise, easy to execute, and visually reinforced.

Order now… Add to cart… Complete this survey… Take this test… Use this form… Call for a free consultation… Come see us… Go here next… Never waste their time. Never leave them hanging. Never get them frustrated. And never leave them guessing about what you want them to do.

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