Extremely Easy Screen Capture Software Review: Screenr

Posted by admin on December 6, 2010 at 2:13 pm.

I call this software because that it is web-based software but think “a few clicks on a website and it works” rather than downloading and configuring a standalone piece of software. This wonderful company has come up with a PC screen capture software called Screenr. You can find the application at http://screenr.com. It is incredibly easy to use and within about 5 minutes you can have a very high resolution, high quality, hosted screen capture with audio. The idea for the software is to share your screencast over twitter but that is not necessary. You can just make a screencast and then email people the link to it.


The things that they got very right:
-ease of use - literally effortless to make a screencast
-quality of product - the screencast looks and sounds great, even in standard definition, though there is an HD button
-making it free
-making it so you do not have to sign up for a bunch of junk to use it

The things they got wrong:

This is a great product, if you need to make a screencast or capture your PC/MAC, this is the easiest and best way I have ever seen to do it. Also, this is a good demonstration of a web application doing a better job than you can do with installed software.

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