Differentiation - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 2

Posted by admin on December 9, 2012 at 7:11 pm.

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My advertising programs bring visitors to your website, and compelling differentiation converts them into clients and customers. Differentiators are what you combine to create the unique selling propositions or value proposition that distinguish your offerings from those of the competition.

I will discuss differentiators in order of their effectiveness. The most compelling differentiator is to be the only or exclusive source for a valuable commodity or solution. We have all seen this happen many times. Next come the superlative differentiators like Best, Biggest, Highest, Most Popular or Number One. Finally there are comparative differentiators like Better, Faster, Higher or Lower. Price-based differentiation is the least compelling, the least profitable and the most difficult to maintain.

Exclusive Differentiators

No differentiator is more compelling than being the sole source for a unique product or proposition. If it is truly one-of-a-kind and yours is the only place to get it, you should be well on your way to success! This is called a monopoly and everyone knows that is good for business.

Exclusive differentiators often include one or more of the following terms: different, exceptional, exclusive, extraordinary, standout, unequalled, unique, unmatched, unparalleled, unprecedented, unrivaledincomparable, lone, matchless, novel, one and only, peerless, single, singly, singular, solely, solitary and solo.


It is obvious why these companies have a good thing going, people need their product and they are the only ones who offer it here.

Superlative Differentiators

If you can’t corner the market, being first in order, best in quality, or highest in degree means you can still dominate it. Everybody likes a winner, so don’t be afraid to trumpet your Number One awards and Most Popular ratings!

Superlative differentiators often include one or more of the following terms: ace, best, biggest, champion, chief, choicest, consummate, extreme, finest, first-rate, foremost, greatest, highest, largest, leading, most, number one, optimum, paramount, pre-eminent, prime, primo, standout, super, superb, superlative, supreme, top, unsurpassed, winner.


You can see that this is not quite as good as a monopoly but these company have differentiated themselves as superior and are now the go to place for these products or services.

Comparative Differentiators

If you aren’t the best, you can still be better than the rest. Your proposition may not be unrivaled and the competition may be considerable, but you can still succeed if your offering is perceived as relatively desirable and preferable to others.

Comparative differentiators often include one or more of the following terms: better, bigger, choice, desirable, finer, fitter, fitting, greater, higher, improved, larger, more, preferable, preferred, quality, select, suitable, surpassing, useful, valuable, worthier.


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