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I am constantly creating new websites and I post them all here.

Check out my sister Roxy Earle on Real Housewives of Toronto

Welcome to my website, I am so excited to have you along for my journey as I explore and share all my favourite things in life; travel, fashion, puppies, beauty and the art of living fabulously. Some are born into luxury and others are just luxurious. I guess that’s me. Ever since I was a little girl I had ambitions to travel to exotic and glamorous places, I would put together these French outfits my mom got me from Paris and hated wearing regular jeans, it became a state of mind and my inspiration to work hard, travel, and see the world. By virtue, I met my amazing and worldly husband and together we adopted a life full of adventures. Hopefully my experiences and stories can provide some inspiration or even just make you smile. Enjoy xox Roxy

Check out here website LuxuriousRoxy - Roxy Earle

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New facebook downtime tracker website

Check out facebook down. They provide a central hub to confirm if facebook is actually down or if it is more of a local issue. You can also post a report of your downtime and read about other people’s experiences with it being down in real time.

facebook-is-down by Google?? Yup, Google.

I just came across this website called and it is made by Google. Proof here:

Pretty surprising that a company that almost exclusively hires geeky males would attempt a foray into fashion. Wait a second… I know what happened here. This is an attempt by a bunch of geeks to get attractive women into the Google office and make the company look less like a Dungeons and Dragons club and more like…. facebook.
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