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Dr Arthur F. Earle Website Launches

Because my grandfather is important to me and has been influential I decide to create an online biography about him for me and all of my cousins to have. It’s based on an autobiography he created about ten years ago and is in his words. It’s very well written and quite an enjoyable read.

Take a look

Avoiding Europe Data Roaming Charges - SIM

I am trying out this service:

Here is my chat with their support to save you the hassle:

11:12:55 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…
11:12:59 Operator Online Customer Support joined the chat
11:13:02 Online Customer Support: Hello! Welcome to our support. How may I help you?
11:13:09 Visitor: Im a bit confusde
11:13:18 Online Customer Support: Hello, how may I help you?
11:13:23 Visitor: I want at least 100Mb per day + voice
11:13:32 Visitor: I want it to work in Italy and France
11:13:36 Visitor: is this possible?
11:13:55 Online Customer Support: Please be informed that we are not offering voice feature with 100MB plan
11:14:14 Visitor: do you have a plan that has voice + data?
11:14:24 Online Customer Support: In order to use voice feature you have to choose Call and Surf.
11:14:43 Visitor: how much data do you get with that?
11:15:12 Online Customer Support: If your order 10 days, you receive $100 prepaid balance which could be used any time during your trip, without any daily limitation.
11:15:28 Visitor: right but at what cost per Mb?
11:15:35 Online Customer Support: You may check the price on
11:15:46 Visitor: I see $0.49/Mb
11:16:03 Online Customer Support: Yes, you are right.
11:16:03 Visitor: this is WAY more than the 100Mb plan
11:16:52 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you will be charge for per MB, text and call according to your usage.
11:17:29 Visitor: so to not get a very HIGH price for the data, you have to not order voice
11:17:59 Visitor: as soon as you add voice, the data is way more expensive and priced according to different model
11:18:01 Visitor: ?
11:18:07 Online Customer Support: Please be advised that you can place two orders, one for voice and other one for data only
11:18:24 Visitor: will you have to swap the sim out?
11:19:04 Online Customer Support: You must have two devices or you may swap the SIM card.
11:19:18 Visitor: ok
11:19:40 Visitor: is this article about your product:
11:20:31 Online Customer Support: Yes, we were iPhoneTrip. Now we changed our name to KeepGo.
11:21:22 Online Customer Support: Is there any thing else I may help you with?
11:22:02 Visitor: your product is limited in that you cant use the phone for voice calls with the reasonably priced data
11:22:15 Visitor: is there any way around this or thats just how it is?
11:23:10 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you have to pay for per MB. However, you can choose data only plan.
11:23:15 Online Customer Support: We are not offering voice & text service for data only SIM cards but you can use our excellent Data plans and make calls & text with VoIP application (like Skype, Viber, Fring or other Apps )
11:24:54 Visitor: thats a good point
11:25:04 Visitor: I may be able to get a Skype In number to have calls sent to
11:25:12 Visitor: and then just use the data plan
11:25:26 Visitor: last question
11:25:43 Online Customer Support: How may I help you?
11:25:57 Visitor: if I get a data plan, say 100Mb per day, it will work seamlessly in Italy and France?
11:26:25 Visitor: the same SIM without changing any settings?
11:26:49 Online Customer Support: Yes, you need to choose Italy and France while placing your order and we will send you SIM card for both countries.
11:27:29 Online Customer Support: You just need to install the APN settings upon your activation of the SIM card and you will be good to go.