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Get a US Prepaid PayPal Credit Card from Canada

For anyone residing in Canada, there is an ongoing struggle to use US based services and buy US goods restricted to US citizens.  This comes up all the time.  Recently, to manage my fantasy football team, I wanted to download an app from CBS Sports called CBS Sports Pro Football.  For some insane reason they restricted the program to the US and it was not available in my Android app store.  I had to download the APK and then root my phone just to install it.  What a hassle.

Anyway, I came across this service and I want to tell you about it and maybe help you.

It is a US address service.  This allows you to receive packages in the United States and then have them reshipped to wherever you want.  It also allows you to get a US Prepaid Paypal account because all you need to verify that is a US address.  So you get your shipping address first from this company.

Then you go to PayPal and signup for

Within a few weeks, you should have your US address and Credit Card so you can buy whatever you want.  Sad that it came to this, but it did.