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FTC Charges Online Marketers With $450M Card Scam

Finally, the FTC has layed charges on the Acai Berr, Teeth Whiteners, Health Supplement scammers.

This is not what I do but they are in a related industry. This is how these usually end.  The regulatory organization that is responsible for administration of a certain area, always eventually lays charges and the whole thing winds down.

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[SOLVED] XP Home Security 2011/XP Total Security Virus/Malware Removal Instructions in Safe Mode

I think it is important to share this experience because I had to waste an hour dealing with this thing and I want to save some other people time.

How I Got The Virus

I am a programmer, former IRC geek and earn my living running websites and doing internet marketing so I generally like to think of myself as savvy with computers.  However, I was browsing an admittedly dodgy site, using Firefox, and loaded the page.  That’s it.  That is enough to get this virus.  You do not need to click on file attachments or use Internet Explorer 6.  Using the latest version of Firefox I got the virus just by visiting the page.  I guess I am going to have to switch to Google Chrome.xp_home_security_2011
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1 Tip for a Flat Belly Ads

This is hilarious. Maybe because of this article and the many other ones like it pointing out what a racket and waste of time the products behind this series of ads is, they have adapted the title on the ads to “1 Tip for a Flat Belly”.

Don’t you scammers get it?? This is wrong. You are deceiving real people who need this money for more important things in their lives. This is not a victimless crime, there are people out there who are not providing for their children as well as they could be because they are being scammed by you.

To the people clicking on these ads, I would restate there are no short cuts when it comes to personal health and weight management. When you live in a world where caloric temptation is everywhere, it really just takes a lot of hard work and discipline to not eat too much. Likewise, when you are working too hard and making poor choices like paying for weight loss scam potions, you will not have as much free time as you need for exercise. Health is what you want. Good health really will make you happy. Why sacrifice it for less important things?

Anyway, I still think it’s amazing how quickly they have adapted.

1 Trick of a Tiny Belly | 1 Tip for a Flat Belly Ads | Weight Loss Acai Berry Scams

OK, I thought it was only right to point out the fraud that is being perpetrated on people throughout the world and explain how it works.

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