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Differentiation - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 2

Click Your Successs

My advertising programs bring visitors to your website, and compelling differentiation converts them into clients and customers. Differentiators are what you combine to create the unique selling propositions or value proposition that distinguish your offerings from those of the competition. Get the whole story »

Focus - The 7 Principles of Online Marketing Part 1

One of my core goals is to improve how quality businesses are represented on the web and further to that goal we publish and distribute educational information about online marketing. We know that our competitors will see this information and then incorporate it into their service offerings too but that is OK with us because we know this will indirectly help improve everyone’s online experience . Today in part one of a seven part series explaining the seven fundamental principles of online marketing we discuss FOCUS. Get the whole story »

Essential Tips for Selling Anything Online

These tips are designed for software but apply to selling anything online:

Many software startups have gotten religion when it comes to creating “usable” software. This is for good reason. If your software is usable, people will use it, tell their friends, family and hair stylist about it and you end up making more money. Life is good. If it’s not usable, it makes people want to hit their computer or hurt small animals. No referral sales. Life is bad. Get the whole story »

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