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IE Submit Form Nothing Happens - Even With No Javascript

I won’t bore anyone with a long rant about how terrible a browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is and why a lot of their failure to become a leading web brand can be traced back to the terrible browser they created. That’s negative and boring.

I just want to share my disbelief at the bug I just fixed and help any of you to quickly deal with it on your own.

I use a CMS called CMS Made Simple and it has a module called FormBuilder. To show a form on a page you use a tag like this:
{FormBuilder form='contact'}

This code build a form from a GUI editor within the CMS. It will basically print out <form> ALL SORTS OF FORMS STUFF </form>.

Now, the bug. Because the whole form is constructed from that one simple tag, it is not impossible for someone to put it within a paragraph tag.

Our client is semi programming literate and put this:

<p style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;">Click here for <a href="{cms_selflink href='staff'}">Staff Directory</a>{FormBuilder form='contact'} </p>

The result in any other browser is that the form works fine. In Internet Explorer 8,9 that results in a dead Submit button. You click Submit and nothing happens. Terrible result that is very difficult to debug. To fix it all you have to do is move the form out from within the <p>—</p> tags.

I hope this saved somebody some time.

Upload/Select Multiple Files in Android Froyo 2.2 to Dropbox

I was looking for a solution to easily get photos off my phone and into Dropbox. Ideally they would make it so you could setup any folder on your Android phone to sync with a Dropbox folder. This will probably happen sooner or later but as far as I know is not currently available.

At the very least I was looking to be able to select multiple files within Gallery or Astro File Manager and then just click the Share button and then pick Dropbox. Thus I could select all the files on my phone and Share them to Dropbox. However, I was shocked to discover that the default Gallery app in Android 2.2 does not have multiple select. iOS has had this for a long time. Pretty frustrating. Worse there has been some silly delay releasing Gingerbread 2.3 and so I am stuck with Froyo 2.2 until they do that (I am not interested in messing around with XDA Roms).


Install QuickPic - - it has multiple select and then you can Share to Dropbox all of the files you multi-selected.

Extremely Easy Screen Capture Software Review: Screenr

I call this software because that it is web-based software but think “a few clicks on a website and it works” rather than downloading and configuring a standalone piece of software. This wonderful company has come up with a PC screen capture software called Screenr. You can find the application at It is incredibly easy to use and within about 5 minutes you can have a very high resolution, high quality, hosted screen capture with audio. The idea for the software is to share your screencast over twitter but that is not necessary. You can just make a screencast and then email people the link to it.


The things that they got very right:
-ease of use - literally effortless to make a screencast
-quality of product - the screencast looks and sounds great, even in standard definition, though there is an HD button
-making it free
-making it so you do not have to sign up for a bunch of junk to use it

The things they got wrong:

This is a great product, if you need to make a screencast or capture your PC/MAC, this is the easiest and best way I have ever seen to do it. Also, this is a good demonstration of a web application doing a better job than you can do with installed software.

GAP Store Sprize Turned Upside Down

This is such a cool advertising campaign for the new GAP Sprize loyalty campaign:

Though it seems rather blunt and obvious, no one had done it before and it is actually very clever. Not to mention the free buzz something this clever gets because it is very bloggable, twitterable and smart. Even looks like a great execution. Wish they would do something like that here in Bermuda. Anyway, enjoy the video, only takes two minutes and is pretty cool.

Microsoft VX-1000 Lifecam “setup cannot continue due to an unexpected error” | Windows XP Mode 7 x64 Virtual PC

I had a problem installing my piece of crap Microsoft VX-1000 Lifecam. I would run the 43Mb exe you get from and it would run for a little while and then get an unexpected error. Basically, the problem is that they give you the software in an EXE format rather than a ZIP of all the drivers and the setup.exe to make the GUI Lifecam manager. Thus when the poorly programmed exe fails, it is hard to manually find the *.inf driver file and install it.


  1. Plug the Camera in.
  2. Go to Windows Update Look For Driver
  3. Browse to a specific location > See if C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam exists, if so go to > Driver 32 > Vx-1000 (or whatever model you have) and OK should now change to not be greyed out
  4. Then click next and it should install fine
  5. If C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam does not exist - here is a link to the files -