by Google?? Yup, Google.

Posted by admin on November 19, 2010 at 7:09 am.

I just came across this website called and it is made by Google. Proof here:

Pretty surprising that a company that almost exclusively hires geeky males would attempt a foray into fashion. Wait a second… I know what happened here. This is an attempt by a bunch of geeks to get attractive women into the Google office and make the company look less like a Dungeons and Dragons club and more like…. facebook.
Anyway, as you can see the site looks very cool and I like the idea of taking very opposite people - engineers and attractive women, with surprisingly complimentary skills and combining them to create a website with great technology but also an understanding of women’s interests.

It works with a six step process that basically feels out your tastes by asking you which image you prefer, in a process similar to “hot or not”, for a whole bunch of images. It obviously keeps track of your preferences and uses this data, combined with what the Google engineers asked the people with good taste, and forms a signature of your tastes. it them matches this with the signatures of various designers and is able to recommend clothes to you. This is a very clever and novel idea that is perfectly executed.

it also allows you to browse and follow favorite collections, created through the process above, of all sorts of celebrities. They also paid them to get the thing started but no doubt people will do it for free once this reaches a critical mass.

The technology is solid. It feels like Flash but is actually Javascript combined with Python. When you select an item, you get a very predictable result and the UI responds intuitively.

I think Google is onto something by realizing that math and engineering majors may be great at programming and solving technical problems, but admitting they are unusual people and therefore their products alone will not always resonate with the majority of the population. By recognizing this limitation and reaching out to attractive, cool people (who can easily be hired) and extracting this sense of style and coolness from them, they have created something the world will love.

Check it out

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