Avoiding Europe Data Roaming Charges - SIM

Posted by admin on May 1, 2014 at 11:28 am.

I am trying out this service: KeepGo.com

Here is my chat with their support to save you the hassle:

11:12:55 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…
11:12:59 Operator Online Customer Support joined the chat
11:13:02 Online Customer Support: Hello! Welcome to our support. How may I help you?
11:13:09 Visitor: Im a bit confusde
11:13:18 Online Customer Support: Hello, how may I help you?
11:13:23 Visitor: I want at least 100Mb per day + voice
11:13:32 Visitor: I want it to work in Italy and France
11:13:36 Visitor: is this possible?
11:13:55 Online Customer Support: Please be informed that we are not offering voice feature with 100MB plan
11:14:14 Visitor: do you have a plan that has voice + data?
11:14:24 Online Customer Support: In order to use voice feature you have to choose Call and Surf.
11:14:43 Visitor: how much data do you get with that?
11:15:12 Online Customer Support: If your order 10 days, you receive $100 prepaid balance which could be used any time during your trip, without any daily limitation.
11:15:28 Visitor: right but at what cost per Mb?
11:15:35 Online Customer Support: You may check the price on https://www.keepgo.com/calculator
11:15:46 Visitor: I see $0.49/Mb
11:16:03 Online Customer Support: Yes, you are right.
11:16:03 Visitor: this is WAY more than the 100Mb plan
11:16:52 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you will be charge for per MB, text and call according to your usage.
11:17:29 Visitor: so to not get a very HIGH price for the data, you have to not order voice
11:17:59 Visitor: as soon as you add voice, the data is way more expensive and priced according to different model
11:18:01 Visitor: ?
11:18:07 Online Customer Support: Please be advised that you can place two orders, one for voice and other one for data only
11:18:24 Visitor: will you have to swap the sim out?
11:19:04 Online Customer Support: You must have two devices or you may swap the SIM card.
11:19:18 Visitor: ok
11:19:40 Visitor: is this article about your product: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/18/iphonetrip-sim-rental-review-best-staying-connected-overseas-smartphone/
11:20:31 Online Customer Support: Yes, we were iPhoneTrip. Now we changed our name to KeepGo.
11:21:22 Online Customer Support: Is there any thing else I may help you with?
11:22:02 Visitor: your product is limited in that you cant use the phone for voice calls with the reasonably priced data
11:22:15 Visitor: is there any way around this or thats just how it is?
11:23:10 Online Customer Support: Please note that in call and surf you have to pay for per MB. However, you can choose data only plan.
11:23:15 Online Customer Support: We are not offering voice & text service for data only SIM cards but you can use our excellent Data plans and make calls & text with VoIP application (like Skype, Viber, Fring or other Apps )
11:24:54 Visitor: thats a good point
11:25:04 Visitor: I may be able to get a Skype In number to have calls sent to
11:25:12 Visitor: and then just use the data plan
11:25:26 Visitor: last question
11:25:43 Online Customer Support: How may I help you?
11:25:57 Visitor: if I get a data plan, say 100Mb per day, it will work seamlessly in Italy and France?
11:26:25 Visitor: the same SIM without changing any settings?
11:26:49 Online Customer Support: Yes, you need to choose Italy and France while placing your order and we will send you SIM card for both countries.
11:27:29 Online Customer Support: You just need to install the APN settings upon your activation of the SIM card and you will be good to go.

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